The Resume

Wisdom from 8 years of helping over 200,000 people create a winning resume, combined with insights from top recruiters and hiring managers.

Resume Writing

Writing Style

How to capture the reader's attention with concise and engaging writing.

Contact Info

Tips to keep your inbox overflowing with interview requests.


Whether or not you should use a summary and what to say if you do.

Work Experience

Learn how to showcase your work experience in a way that stands out from the competition.


How to write the correct education section, from student to executive.


Identify the skills recruiters are looking for and showcase them prominently.


Differentiate yourself by showing a commitment to your craft.

Other Sections

Why you shouldn't included references and advice on other less common sections.

Resume Design


How to craft a visually pleasing layout that grabs attention, in a good way.


Make it easy to scan and emphasize what matters with clean formatting.

Visual Design

Use color, fonts, and whitespace to stand out without going overboard.


Why you shouldn't have a photo on your resume unless...

File Format

Find out which file format is best for you and how to ensure compatibility.

Resume Optimization